Our Services

KL Geotechnics Sdn Bhd has a strong team that give the enormous strength. We are involved principally in the following areas such as:

  • Soil Investigation: SPT Test
  • Soil Investigation: Soil Plate Bearing Test
  • Soil Investigation: SPT Test - Split Spoon Soil Sample
  • Soil Investigation: Genor Vane Shear Test Equipments
  • Soil Investigation: Piezocone Testing

Soil Investigation

Services Include:

Deep Borehole| Mackintosh Probe Test| Plate Bearing Test| Vane Shear Test| Piezocone Test| Seismic Survey
  • Foundation Engineering - Caisson Foundation : Inspection by Engineer
  • Foundation Engineering - Caisson Foundation : Shaft Concreting
  • Foundation Engineering - Caisson Foundation : Dosh Checking Confined Space Safety
  • Foundation Engineering - Micropiling On Inaccessible slope
  • Foundation Engineering - Micropiling :
    Left   - Micropiling through fiil Boulders Formation with High Water Table
    Middle / Right - Installation of 12m Length API Pipe at the Toe of Over 21m Cliff Scene
  • Foundation Engineering - Micropiling : Timah Tasoh New Spillway Foundation
  • Foundation Engineering - Underpining :
    Left - Underpinning using Micropiles
    Right - New Pipe Column To Transfer Upper floor Loads to Ground RC
  • Foundation Engineering - Underpining : Remedy works for Broken Spun Piles at Paragon
  • Foundation Engineering - Underpining : Remedy Works For Spun Pile Foundation at Premcourt
  • Foundation Engineering - Reversed Circulation Borepiling

Foundation Engineering

Services Include:

Micro Piling| Underpining| Caisson Foundation| Reversed Circulation Bored Piling
  • Slope Stabilisation - Ground Anchor: Drilling Ground Anchor Hole
  • Slope Stabilisation - Ground Anchor: Temporary Ground Anchor Stressing
  • Slope Stabilisation - Caisson Pier Wall: Design & Built Caisson Pier Wall Of height 12M
  • Slope Stabilisation - Caisson Pier Wall: 330M Long Caisson Pier Wall of Height 9 - 12M
  • Slope Stabilisation - Caisson Pier Wall: Remedy Failure Slope Beside KL - Seremban Highway
  • Slope Stabilisation - Soil Nailing Works: Drilling soil Nail Hole
  • Slope Stabilisation - Soil Nailing Works:
    Left - Pull Out Test
    Right - Prepare Nail Bar with Spacers
  • Slope Stabilisation - Soil Nailing Works: Threading Nail Head

Slope Stabilisation

Services Include:

Soil Nailing| Ground Anchoring| Caisson Pier Wall
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation - Crack Monitoring: Installed Stainles steel Locating Discs
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation - Crack Monitoring: Demec Demountable Mechanical Strain Gauge to Measure Cracks
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation - Inclinometer Monitoring

Geotechnical Instrumentation

Services Include:

Inclinometer| Tilt Meter| Observation Well| Surface Settlement Marker| Deep Settlement Gauge| Crack Gauge| Stand Pipe Piezometer| Pneumatic Piezometer|
  • General and High Pressure Grouting: Tripple Tube Jet Grouting

General and High Pressure Grouting

Services Include:

Jet Grouting| Backfill Grouting| Consolidation Grouting
  • Pile Testing: Bi-Directional Pile Test to Bored Pile
  • Pile Testing: Caisson Skin Friction Test at Setia Green 2013
  • Pile Testing: Caisson Skin Friction Test at Setia Green 2013
  • Pile Testing: Caisson Static Pile Test Using Tension Anchor
  • Pile Testing: PDA Pile Test | (Left) Installation of Sensor | (Right) 20 Tons Hammer
  • Pile Testing: Sonic Logging Pile Test
  • Pile Testing: Tension Anchor Maintainload Test to Micropile
  • Pile Testing: Tension Anchor Maintainload Test to Micropile

Pile Testing

Services Include:

Sonic Logging Test| Bi-Directional Load Test| Tension Anchor Pile Test| PDA Pile Tests
  • Rock Breaking: Pneumatic Rock Breaking
  • Rock Breaking: Pneumatic Rock Breaking
  • Rock Breaking: Chemical Rock Breaking
  • Rock Breaking: Charging For Controlled Shaft Blasting

Rock Breaking

Services Include:

Controlled Rock Blasting| Chemical Rock Breaking| Pneumatic Rock Breaking
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